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Info About King Pigeon

Info About King Pigeon

The King pigeon is a breed of domestic pigeon which is raised primarily for utility purpose. It's from United States and was developed over many years of selective breeding. The King pigeons along with different varieties of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the feral or wild rock pigeon.

The breed was actually developed during the Eighteen Nineties by crossing 4 older pigeon breeds. And those 4 varieties have been Duchess, Homer, Maltese and Runt. The Duchess were selected for grace, Homer for alertness, Runt for body and size, and the Maltese for compactness and style. Presently the King pigeon is a popular breed in it’s native area and also in another nations across the globe. Read some more details about this breed below.

King Pigeon Look
The King pigeon is a large breed of domestic pigeon. It is by many deemed to be one of the vital beautiful of all the pigeon breeds. It has a fairly round body, and the breed is available in lots of colors and patterns. This might appear ‘plump’ – but its dimension is definitely more in height than in width – which may be the reason why there have been named ‘King’. It’s not too simple to identify the gender of these birds. Because each men and women look almost similar. Although, close statement of their interactions often allows for a fairly accurate gender identification.

There are types of the king pigeons for sale pigeon: utility and and the show form. The show kind are much more compact and upright than the utility birds. The show form is referred to as ‘Show Kings‘, and it is likely one of the hottest show birds within the United States and also globally. Average live body weight of the mature King pigeon is about 570 grams, however some birds can reach up to 900 grams. Photo and information from BeautyofBirds and Wikipedia.

Special Notes
The King pigeon is a really stunning bird with engaging appearance. It is a smart hen and sweet in nature. These birds are calm in nature and have full of personality. They are of fine habits and make excellent pets. King pigeons are one of the pigeon breeds used for squab production. But the show type is superb for showing and very attractive. Nevertheless, overview full breed profile of the King pigeon below.